Aquasol® Energy Boost

Enhances your physical performance and capacity—with no caffeine.

Photo of a smiling, energetic businessman standing in a field with his arms outstretchedThe benefits of Energy Boost

  • Used in herbal medicine to help enhance physical performance and capacity
  • Helps reduce mental fatigue
  • Helps support cognitive function
  • No caffeine, no sugar
How It Works How To Use It

We all have busy lives with multiple activities throughout the day, so it’s not uncommon to experience physical fatigue or mental distraction at key moments when you need to be alert. Loading up on caffeine and sugar can give you a brief jolt, but you know it will be followed by another drop in your energy levels… and that won’t get you through the challenges of your day.

Energy Boost Tablets

Our go-all-the-time lifestyle is the reason Aquasol® developed Energy Boost as a natural alternative. Energy Boost contains Panax ginseng, a traditional supplement used in herbal medicine to help enhance your physical performance and reduce mental fatigue. Panax is known as “true ginseng,” and Aquasol provides an unusually pure and potent extract of 20% ginsenosides, 10:1. It’s part of our commitment to offering the highest quality ingredients available, for natural health benefits you can trust.

Feeling a daily droop in endurance and mental awareness? Try Energy Boost!

To maintain your energy levels during times of physical stress and mental exertion, take a couple of Aquasol® Energy Boost tablets each day.

Adults: Take 2 tablets once a day with water and preferably with a meal.

Medicinal Ingredient (Per Tablet):
Panax ginseng extract (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer (Araliaceae), Root) ……… 40mg (20% total ginsenosides, 10:1)

Aquasol® Energy Boost is a Natural Health Product approved by Health Canada as safe, effective and of high quality. NPN: 80043869