Natural Supplements To Enhance Your Active Lifestyle

Simple and trustworthy solutions for your everyday life!

Photo of happy coupleIn today's on-the-go world, you want natural solutions to looking and feeling healthy and energized. That's the idea behind the Aquasol family of products.

Since 1973, Aquasol has been a trusted name in special dietary supplements, for its assurance of purity and reliability. Pharmacists across Canada recommend Aquasol® E without hesitation to those who require a water-soluble vitamin E formulation. And now, Aquasol introduces an extended new family of natural formulations for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Energy Boost uses the natural power of ginseng to keep you going strong. Helps enhance physical performance, reduce mental fatigue and support cognitive function.

Immune Power is a combination of two of the most well-known immune system boosting natural ingredients: Echinacea and Thyme, in a highly-available oral liquid formulation. Helps relieve coughs and colds.

Hair and Nails is a unique formulation of five natural ingredients including Rutin, known to promote healthy hair and nails. Helps strengthen hair and maintain healthy skin.